Arts & Culture

Steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty, Stone County is the place to thrive amongst a bustling local arts scene and community atmosphere. We take pride in all things Stone County and strive to ensure that residents and visitors alike fall in love with Stone County, too.
State-of-the-art meets artisanal
Stone County is where state-of-the-art modernity meets timeless artisanal quality, a place that’s always attracted those seeking deeper satisfaction and higher achievement. Nearly a century ago, one of the nation’s most successful children’s authors, Emilie Stapp, came here because she believed, correctly, the environment would spur her creativity. Stapp went on to spur others with her philanthropy, raising funds for children orphaned in World War I and later the equivalent of $42 million in today’s dollars for U.S. war bonds during World War II, doing it all from her picturesque Wiggins cottage.
All about The Arts:
In Blaylock Park in Wiggins, you will find a set of beautifully decorated centennial poles, which commemorate the past century of Stone County history. One of the poles reads, “Unique is normal here,” a statement that reflects the abundance of creativity and ingenuity in every corner of Stone County. A community invested in history, storytelling, and the arts, Stone County boasts several local artists, art installations (including an impressive, inspiring set of multi-media murals), and arts festivals. MGCCC boasts a thriving theatre program, where students can hone their skills in acting, stagecraft, set construction, directing, backstage work, costume design, and more. Each year, downtown Wiggins comes alive during the annual Pine Hill festival, where arts, crafts, music, and community life flourish. In Stone County, art and history inhabit the people you meet and the places you go.
Pine Hill Festival
Stone County hosts many community events and festivals each year, most notably, our annual Pine Hills Festival in beautiful Downtown Wiggins. Held every spring, the Pine Hill festival offers residents and visitors alike the opportunity to gather as a community up and down Pine Hill and Blaylock Park to enjoy great local food, music, arts, and a Stone County rite of passage. With an annual 5K, 10K and Fun Run; Hotdog eating contest, pickle throwing competition, bed race, and more, the festival has something for everyone and is certainly the best way to experience the culture of Stone County.
Abundant yields
Like our timber, families put down roots here, and the yields are just as tremendous in an area where the costs of living are low and enjoyment of life is soaring, especially with the delights of the DeSoto National Forest right here and Gulf Coast beaches less than an hour away. In Stone County, families dive into fun and opportunity, with lifelong learning always on tap at a superb community college, and with two highly respected universities less than 40 minutes away.

Stone County is the kind of place where new industry thrives alongside centennial farms, where families can experience exotic wildlife, where murals enhance nearly every corner of public space, and even our goat farm is something unique (think Great Pyrenees dogs herding South African Boer goats!) We are fresh.
We are surprising. We are a paradox and a paradise.